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Our offers . . .

Group Transport, undertakes transport, removals in Athens, Thessaloniki and all cities of Greece, Cyprus or abroad, cheap, fast and secure.

We offer special prices for students, military and socially vulnerable groups. But generally all our services are available at the best prices in the market.

Transfers to Corfu - Crete - Naxos - Paros - Mykonos - Tinos - Skyros

. . . Ask for an offer for your transport. . .

1st Offer

Call us now and save !


70 € discount on your transfer. Valid for removals over 600 €

2nd Offer

Offer one week and Storage transfer to Cyprus! ! !

More . . .

3rd Offer

Moving home or transfer to and from Crete.


At a unique price.


4th Offer

Permutations Officers




Vulnerable social groups


In the best prices

5th Offer

Packages from 2 € internal transport


Thessaloniki - Islands from 160 €


Germany from 350 €


United States of America from 3500€

Indicative Prices

Transfer until 20 kilometers radius 130 € full load


Sofa or linen 50 €


Transportation, from Thessaloniki to Athens 35 €