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Welcome to our Company

The company Group Transport, starring in recent years in the field of transportation, making all kinds of transport in Thessaloniki, but also in whoel Greece, Cyprus and abroad. We undertake small courier-type shipments by moving your home or your workplace or even equipment and heavy machinery from your factory. more. . .


The Group Transport pioneer in the field of transport, covers the daily transport needs, both national and international context. Our private fleet of trucks as well as common carriers and drivers, we are at your disposal for any transfer that would like to perform. Our company is here to serve you.


Green entrepreneurship is one form of economic activity that puts the environment at the heart of its strategy.

The Group Transport owned green business due to the positive attitude towards environmental protection services offered and used vehicles.

Corporate Social Responsibility

One of the basic beliefs of the Group Transport is that the development of its activities will be optimal. With the aim to operate in harmony with society attaches great importance to the issues of Corporate Social Responsibility, including care workers and society and the environment.